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Dental hygiene oral health products by lovleah

Image Dental hygiene oral health products Stock Image

by: lovleah


Four dental hygiene products made by Johnson and Johnson. Products from left to right are, Reach toothbrush, Listerine Tartar Control antiseptic mouthwash, Reach waxed dental floss, and Listerine Pocketpaks Cool Mint breath strips. Photographed in studio on a white background. Editorial use only


  • Editorial License


  • dental hygiene
  • oral hygiene
  • dental floss
  • waxed floss
  • mouthwash
  • germs
  • bacteria
  • halitosis
  • toothbrush
  • breath strips
  • fresh
  • hygiene
  • tartar
  • plaque
  • gingivitus
  • antiseptic
  • bottle
  • mint
  • personal hygiene
  • toiletries
  • bathroom products
  • editorial
  • white background