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Pericles, ancient Greek leader and statesman, on 20 drachmas coin (1984), isolated on white no trespassing - keep out sign on a fence surrounding green meadow or golf course rusty metal wall which used to be painted white new plant of lettuce growing on a measuring tablespoon isolated on white, clipping path included compact fluorescent daylight balanced  bulb with a reflector view from a bow of racing kayak on the North Platte River in Wyoming narrow irrigation ditch with fast flowing water, springtime, Colorado lifting gear for irrigation ditch headgate against a calm river irrigation ditch with a flow measurement concrete structure and water scale, Colorado dried hay with a variety of grasses - abstract from a haystack well worn and rusty chain links of some old farm machinery hardware computer gibberish printout - text without sense produced by a faulty software or user mistake wheat field after harvest and a stormy sky near Colorado foothills a stack of blank DVD or CD disks -  background money concept - coins (pennies)  spilling out from open conbination puzzle box with rings of letters (cryptex), see a set password White pine tree male flower pollinating, white background. inflating hot air balloon before sunrise at Greeley, Colorado, festival, October 2007 hot air balloon rising at "Hot Air Balloon Harvest", Greeley, Colorado, October 28, 2007 a wooden bowl of salted and roasted pistachio nuts, white copy space a wooden bowl of shelled pistachio nuts against white background a wooden bowl of brown, wild, basmati rice mix against white background a wooden bowl of buckwheat (kasha), toasted whole grain, white copy space a wooden bowl of long grained brown rice against white background a wooden bowl of shelled sunflower seeds against white background, copy space freshly backed cookies with chocolate chips and walnut slices - background lightweight carbon fiber paddle for canoe racing - grip and blade with water droplets, isolated on white, clipping path included weathered wood backround - old barn wall with a different exposure to elements cooling racks and three stacks of cookies with choclate chips and walnut, crumbs barn with two silos surrounded by green meadows, lake and houses - old farm turned into a golf course weathered wood background with wavy pattern and cracks a wooden, round bowl of purple and white anasazi beans, white background, copy space grass hay against white background with a copy space fur background - macto of Australian lambskin macro a wavy pattern fur background - Australian lambskin macro with a vortex pattern liberty, equality, fraternity words engraved on edge of old French coins, 10 Francs, 1977 (liberte, egalite, fraternite), white background black hair on a brushing comb from a Newfounland dog a dam on South Platte River in Colorado near Greeley diverting water for farmland irrigation macro of two green Granny Smith apples on white background, selective focus red sandstone rocks, blue sky with delicate white cumulus and cirrocumulus clouds at foothills of Rocky Mountains in Colorado macro of freshly sliced mango fruit ready to eat old aluminum measuring spoon full of salt isoalted on white, clipping path included farm fence covered with frost with weeds and dense cottonwood trees in background multicolor hot air balloon rising at Arkansas Valley Festival, Rocky Ford, Colorado, November 4, 2007 Scientific calculator with pi number on a display and reading glasses against math text book with integral tables. These are real devices, not props, showing some wear and dust. computer gibberish printout - text without sense produced by a faulty software or  user mistake Measuring tablespoon of olive oil isolated on white, clipping paths included Riparian forest along South Platte River in eastern Colorado Excavator arm and scoop full of dirt at road construction against blue sky A corner of laptop being charged - focus on a plug with a green light indicating full charge Word truth set as a secret keyword in a combination puzzle box with letter rings known as Cryptex