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Bunny holding Easter apple.  Flat vector art illustration with simple gradients. For t-shirt, bag print design, greeting card. Asian Cute little baby girl beautiful holding Easter egg in basket, studio shot on blue background with copy space, Easter day concept Hand paints eggs for Easter holiday. Workplace decorator painting eggs The children, together with dad, painted the first Easter eggs and looked joyfully into the frame Family fun watching how the eggs are painted in a solution with dyes Mom and two daughters are going to dye eggs for Easter Children interfere with a solution with food coloring in glasses to paint Easter eggs Mom and two daughters put dye in glasses with water Children are preparing to paint Easter eggs while sitting at a table in a home environment. Mom pours vinegar into glasses with food coloring, children at the table prepare to paint eggs Mom brought a large plate with eggs to the girls on the table, for their subsequent painting by Easter Children sit at the table and prepare for the celebration of Easter Girl paints an easter egg sitting by the window in a home environment Mom with two daughters paint eggs for Easter Happy girl shows a painted easter egg Hand paints a chicken egg on Easter Sad sick quarantined girl paints Easter eggs Close-up of a girl in a medical mask who paints Easter eggs Coloring Easter eggs, multi-colored eggs in the middle of the table Ill family paints eggs for Easter Mom and two daughters at the table in medical masks paint Easter eggs for the holiday Easter eggs painted close-up Mom and children show what beautiful Easter eggs they got Children wait until Easter eggs turn colored and have fun looking at the frame Two girls are waiting for the eggs to be painted in different colors for the Easter holiday. Children and mom dip chicken eggs in a dye solution Daughter and mom hold chicken eggs before starting to color them Sisters pour dye for coloring eggs in a glass of water Children pour dye for coloring eggs in glasses with water Mom pours vinegar in glasses of water for coloring eggs for Easter holidays Children hold a large plate with chicken eggs before coloring for Easter Children have fun fighting while sitting at a table in the kitchen Mom shows girls how to paint Easter eggs beautifully Girl shows sister how she painted an Easter egg Child shows mom painted easter egg The sick girl alone paints Easter eggs for the holiday Sad quarantined girl paints Easter eggs with a brush Two girls in medical masks paint eggs with a brush while preparing for Easter Table with colorful Easter eggs and dyes in the interior of the room by the window Mom and two quarantined daughters prepare for Easter Girl paints Easter eggs in a special solution and puts on a plate Portrait of a girl with Easter eggs on a gray background Girl paints chicken eggs for Easter Children painted the first Easter eggs, dad watches them Children look in glasses with liquid dye while egg staining mother and two daughters at the table paint easter eggs Mom and two daughters are sitting at the table preparing eggs for Easter and looked in the frame Mom with daughters fall asleep dye for coloring eggs in glasses with water A girl shows the other girl the contents of a bag of food coloring