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Amplitude - $40K Free Credits

Amplitude - $40K Free Credits

Amplitude is the leading product intelligence platform that helps companies use their customer data to build great product experiences for digital growth. Amplitude powers over 59,000 digital products at companies like Microsoft, Hubspot, PayPal, Disney+Hotstar, and more.
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It’s all about getting your users to that "aha" moment when they realize they can’t live without your service. Product Intelligence gets you there faster. We created the Amplitude Startup Scholarship to give you one year of these powerful insights. That’s a $40,000 value, completely free.

What’s included in the Amplitude Startup Scholarship?

You’ll get 20 million events per month — more than enough data to get you to product-market fit. You also get full access to features on our paid Growth plan, including Behavioral Cohorts, Pathfinder, advanced collaboration features, and more.


1. Fill out application form by clicking redemption link below

2. Verify email 

3. Create your account (company name, org url)


You’re eligible if:

– Your company was launched less than 2 years ago.

– You’ve received less than $5 million in funding.

– You have fewer than 20 employees.

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