$50K in Twilio Segment Credits + more
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$50K in Twilio Segment Credits + more

$50K in Twilio Segment Credits + more


Segment is your prebuilt data infrastructure. Implement it once and connect to almost 400 analytics, marketing automation, CRM and payment tools with the flip of a switch without engineering hours. Change tools as you add team members or outgrow old tools is easier than ever.

Offer Details

Approved companies receive $50K in Segment credits each year up to two years - Exclusive startup mentorship sessions & learning materials - 40+ partner tool discounts


Click the unique Redeem Link below to apply for $50K in Segment credits for up to 2 Years. Partner code is auto-applied.


Startups must be:

  • <$5M USD in funding

  • < 24 months since founding

  • Independent entities, not subsidiaries or spinoffs of another organization

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