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Girl realtor with a folder stands at the big windows of a spacious apartment Portrait of two happy women, mother and daughter in blue T-shirts Sad girl with sitting on the floor of an empty room with a glass of wine The realtor is still waiting for buyers to look out the window Realtor expects buyers in a large room with huge windows A girl looks into large stained glass windows in an empty apartment Entrance to a small guest room at the hotel The exterior of the courtyard of a small guest house The waves rolling ashore with the help of long-lasting The interior of an ordinary room in an inexpensive hotel Portrait of a girl in a red cap wrapped in a towel against the sky Hotel bathroom, shower, washstand and toilet Two girls eat watermelon on the beach against the cloudy sky Seascape at sunset, waves roll ashore A double bed in the interior of the guest house shroud of raging sea on a rocky shore A girl eats a watermelon on the beach Waves roll on rocky shore during storm The courtyard space of a small private hotel, a common plan A peaceful evening landscape on the seashore The interior of a small hotel room Crack and empty walls in the hotel room Sad girl on the beach goes to the shells, face covered with a red cap Mother looks at her daughter with discontent Mom raises her four-year-old daughter, clarifies it can't be done Mom tickles her four-year-old daughter Four-year-old daughter sits on mother's lap, white background Portrait of a mother with a four-year-old daughter on a white background Mom and baby sit on a chair and hold a white sheet in their hands Mom and daughter hugged each other, isolated on a white background Mom and four-year-old daughter look at each other with fun View of the high shore in Anapa, Russia, after sunset Night view of the rocky shore of the Black Sea, Anapa, Russia Sea sunset after sunset, in the foreground a breakwater of stones abandoned in the off-season rescue post on the beach, Anapa, Russia Seascape on rocky shore in storm High-rise construction of a new building, decoration of the facades of the first floors Portrait of a young couple looking to the left, a white background Two people in a counter-light looked into the frame A upset couple looks into the frame A man and a woman got into a quarrel and stood with their backs to each other Portrait of a young couple of Europeans, white background Black white contour portrait of two young men A silhouetted contoured black white portrait of a young couple standing with their backs to each other Portrait of a young family in upset feelings The guy and the girl are standing in front of each other and have taken their hands Man and woman offended by each other A couple with big problems stand with their backs to each other and look into the frame Portrait of a somewhat sad young man on a white background Portrait of a sad young man talking on the phone