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Close up and macro outdoor view of a rusty bolt and screw nut next to a rusty rail steel beam and stones next to the railway. Tree bark texture. Natural wooden background. Background texture of tree bark. Old wooden tree pattern. Low angle view of the Two Penny bridge (Zweiffennigsbrücke) with metal railing over the Fulda River in Melsungen, Germany. Arched window with a beautiful ancient stone relief ornamental decoration, portrait, floral elements and pillars. Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park of Budapest, Hungary, Europe. Old decorative European facade detail. Beautiful forest hiking and biking trail surrounded by green trees and sun rays shining through. Lush green train in Kottenforst, Germany. St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest on a beautiful day seen from the tourist walking street through the buildings. Beautiful old timeworn residential building in Budapest, Hungary, on a beautiful day with clear blue sky. Beautiful top of a yellowing single with autumn colors and clear blue sky with pink clouds. Freedom concept. Beautiful altocumulus cloud skyscape over the trees. Beautiful white altocumulus clouds on a clear blue sky. The burned spire of St. Nicholas church (St.-Nikolai-Kirche), a Gothic Revival cathedral who was one of the five Lutheran churches in Hamburg, Germany. Black church spire and stormy sky. Beautiful side view of the pillars and sculptures of Vajdahunyad Castle, currently the agricultural museum in Budapest, Hungary. Red brick clock tower against clear blue sky and white clouds, seen through tree branches. Clock tower of the central train station in Oberhausen, Germany. Black and white night shot of the central depot of the LVR Industrial Museum, Peter-Behrens-Bau, in Oberhausen, Germany. Bauhaus and the New Objectivity architecture style. Moon over a bridge at night. Super moon taken over the Bridge of Arts in Skopje, Macedonia. Side view of the main entrance of Keleti Railway Station in Budapest, Hungary with clear blue sky in the background. Eastern railway station in Budapest. Beautiful blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) eating grass. Healthy eating concept. Stretched out hands offering red apples, isolated on white background. Side view of old buildings in Budapest, Hungary, on a beautiful day with clear blue sky. Close up shot of a red fire hydrant on a sidewalk of a street. Fire hydrant for emergency fire access. Old vintage street lamp on crossing aerial wires hanging above the street with a beautiful old building with ornamental architecture in the background. View from below. The city center of Budapest. Low angle view of a balcony on a beautiful residential building with red brick framed by tree branches and green leaves. Beautiful female martial arts fighter in a white kimono with green belt holding her hands together in front of her, meditating or showing respect, isolated on white background. Fairytale view of the Rheine valley seen from the Drachenburg castle in Bonn, Germany. Close up of a planner notebook with a pen and an old fashioned candle holder, isolated on white background. Close up shot of a cute blue candle in a jar wrapped with red ribbon, isolated on white background.

Magical fairy tale castle. Fairy tale concept. Different view of Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park of Budapest, Hungary, Europe. Black and white photograph. Close up shot of a building, windows framed by the electric tram cables. Close up shot of a random building in Budapest, Hungary. Glass of fresh lemonade with straw and freshly cut lemon fruits, isolated on white background. Vintage weathered green wooden door with metal doorknob. Old wooden door in Budapest. Stone wall and high windows completely overgrown with vibrant green wild vine and ivy. Stone wall covered in green ivy. Christmas or Valentine’s Concept. Female legs in white knee high stockings with red bow ties standing next to a red gift bag or shopping bag, isolated on white background. Christmas shopping concept. Christmas eve concept. Santa’s hat placed at the edge of a wrought iron bed frame, decorated with garland of Christmas lights. Coziness, comfort, interior and holidays concept. Christmas tree made of stacked colourful books decorated with ornaments, lights and cute gift placed on a table at home or bookstore or library. Christmas and New Year composition with books. Gift surprise concept. Valentine’s day date concept. Cutely wrapped gift box with blue bow placed on a comfortable bed decorated with garland of Christmas lights around the wrought iron headboard. Romantic atmosphere concept. A close up shot of a girl holding a pet guinea pig in her hands. Pet love concept. Favourite pet enjoys love. Painting concept. Paintbrushes in different size laid out on a red polka dot box placed on a wooden table. Close up shot of a wrapped gift under glowing Christmas lights on red background, making festive and romantic atmosphere.  Christmas, birthday, anniversary, new year, Valentine's day, date concept. Close up shot of golden blurred Christmas lights making cozy and romantic atmosphere. Festive background with blurry lights. Close up shot of blurred golden Christmas lights making cozy and romantic atmosphere. Festive bukeh background with lights. A close up shot of a red tulip in bloom with background of greenery. Chocolate balls on a star shaped ceramic white saucer, on a wooden background. Close up of a young male with weight problems, measuring his big stomach with a measuring tape, isolated on white background. Bottom up view of the sky from an inner courtyard square of a building in Budapest. Geometric view of an inner square of a residential building. Railroad power transmission line tower during sunset. Coin up the ladder. Stack of coins making a ladder, isolated on white background. Close-up shot of withered pine tree needles. Going up? Concrete stairs with metallic fence. Cobblestones and a puddle of water with a fallen leaf inside. Close up shot of disassembled dumbbell, isolated on a white background. Close up central view of St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest on a beautiful day.