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Interesting rock formation - Elephant Rocks - resembling a bathing elephants, Czech republic Calculator - counting of the financial position - charges and revenue - receipts and expenditure - poor prospects Bizare clouds - bumps on the sky Old and used planing machine in the joinery workshop Detail of the knot in wood - rough wooden texture Contact - detail of the butterflies on a plant Detail of the head owl with prey - Owl with prey Detail of the hole cuttern in the carpentry workshop Shot of the meadow of German chamomile - medicinal herb Sculpture from 1853 on Charles bridge - St. Norbert, Wenceslas and Sigismund. Founder Premonstrates - St. Norbert - displayed in a bishop's miter with clothing as elevates the monstrance. On the sides patron Prince Wenceslas with the flag and the Burgundian king Sigismund with the crown and sword. Saint Barbara's Church (often incorrectly Saint Barbara Cathedral) in Kutna Hora (Bohemia) is one of the most famous Gothic churches in central Europe and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. St Barbara is the patron saint of miners (among others), which was highly appropriate for a town whose wealth was based entirely upon its silver mines.Construction began in 1388, but because work on the church was interrupted several times, it was not completed until 1905. The first architect was probably Johann Parler, son of Peter Parler, but studies say that Peter Parler had participated at least as a co-author of the draft design. Work on the building was interrupted for more than 60 years during the Hussite Wars and when work resumed in 1482, Matej Rejsek and Benedikt Rejt, two architects from Prague, assumed responsibility. Kutna Hora, Czech republic. Image of the coniferous forest in the early morning - sun beams in fog haze Illustration of the sedan - vintage model of car Detail of the bloom of magnolia Image of the huge hairy spider - illustration Detail of the various sea pebbles on the beach with shells National Natural Landmark - Stone Suns -  is a unique geological formation, which is located in the PLA Czech Central Mountains about 1 km southeast of the village Hnojnice. This natural phenomenon originated during ancient volcanic eruptions. It is former quarry, whose walls are formed from orange stone. It is marlite which creates interesting formations in the form of stone suns. The site is a unique example of volcanic activity in the Tertiary. In 1992 the area was declared a national natural monument. Hnojnice village, Czech republic. Flaking paint from the metal surface Illustration of the coupe - vintage model of car Image of the big hairy spider Abstract hexagons pattern - abstract vector illustration Detail of the bizarre knot in wood - rough wooden texture Illustration of the sedan - vintage model of car Horsovsky Tyn Castle - originally the bishop's castle from 13th century was rebuilt in the 16th century and expanded into a vast palace complex, Horsovsky Tyn, Czech republic View of Prague from cathedral Saint Vitus Twisted trunks of beech trees - old beech forest, Czech republic Stone altar carved into the sandstone - detail of the head of a praying angel.
Stone altar carved in sandstone cliff in the forest near the village Marenicky, Lusatian Mountains, Czech Republic.
Stone altar carved in sandstone cliff in the forest near the village Marenicky, Lusatian Mountains, Czech Republic.
Detail of the pebble stones and scallops and shells Image of the English Beagle on the meadow Detail of the old wooden drawer on white background - front view Image of landscape - meadows and forests Macro image of the blooming flowers Detail of the cracked wall - grunge texture Detail of the amethyst deceiver - edible mushroom Abstract imge of the poisoning inedible mushrooms Conceptual image - In the carpentry shop - do it yourself - in grunge style Detail of the old mercury glass thermometer on white background Old stone elevating track from 1900 - technical monument, Bohemia Rock relief - the face of the Sphinx - carved into the sandstone cliffs in the pine forest above the village Zelizy in the district Melnik, Czech republic. It is the works of sculptor Vaclav Levy, who created in the period 1841-1846. Crescent of the moon with pink and dark clouds Kladska peats - Glatzener Moor- is a national nature reserve in Slavkov Woods - protected landscape area. Slavkov Forest - Kaiserwald - is geomorphological unit in the northern part of the Carlsbad Highlands. Kladska, Czech republic. Background composed from of old labels - editable background Detail of the old and damaged rotating switch Dead pond is surrounded by woods approximately three kilometers northeast of Hrebecna. By the dark color of the water caused by the surrounding peat is sometimes called the Black Pond. The Ore Mountains, Czech republic. Detail of the old and used hole cuttern in the carpentry workshop Detail of the hole cuttern in the carpentry workshop - retro style Detail of the knot in wood - rough wooden texture Detail of the chuck in the carpentry workshop - shallow depth of field Detail of the Hoverflies on wolf poppy