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Stock Photos, Images and Vectors of username:STphotography

Young woman sitting in a black dirndl on a meadow in the mountains laughing beauty sitting naked on the floor with undercover act Woman with angel wings and covert act elderly woman in Bavarian costume dress with modern bag is sitting on a chair laughing Elan full Bavarian costume elderly lady in dress and fashionable shopping bag Old Bavarian woman in fashionable festive costume Old Bavarian woman in fashionable festive costume Beautiful samba girls celebrating Christmas with a Bavarian Christmas tree Bavarian girls from enjoying the view from the balcony Bavarian Dirndl woman serving a bacon on a plate Alm Woman in traditional Bavarian dress sitting on a bench young blond woman in red Bavarian dress Model is in sexy pose in the doorway Woman in traditional Bavarian dress sitting on a bench Young woman in traditional dress standing on a mountain Portrait of a beautiful blond woman's head Young blonde woman in a bikini with see in the background. Single pretty perfect pink rose growing on a bush in the garden symbolic of love and romance, with copyspace Flowering hydrangea bush covered in assorted pink and blue clusters of flowers in sunshine growing in a garden, close up view Variegated pretty pink and yellow rose growing on a small bush outdoors in the garden, symbolic of love and romance, overhead view Floral background suitable for a greeting card with a central fresh delicate blue hydrangea with a white vignette border with blur effect viewed from overhead Attractive blond woman wearing a trendy straw sunhat standing holding a basket of fresh farm vegetables in a hot house while looking at the camera with a lovely warm smile Stylish Blond Young Woman Wearing Straw Hat, Harvesting Healthy Fresh Vegetables In the Farm with Happy Facial Expression. Pretty Blond Woman Wearing Straw Hat, Carrying Basket of Fresh Veggies on her Arm Inside the Farm and Looking Into the Distance. Half Body Shot of a Naked Pretty Young Woman with Flowers on her Long Blond Hair, Looking Into the Distance Against Black Background. Half Body Shot of a Happy Bare Young Woman with Flowers on her Long Blond Hair, Looking on her Shoulder Against Black Background. High Angle View of a Bare Young Woman with Long Blond Hair, Sitting on an Empty Floor and Facing with Eyes Closed. Close up Stylish Pretty Blond Woman Wearing Elegant Straw Hat and Looking Into the Distance with Happy Facial Expression. Close up Happy Blond Woman Wearing Fashionable Off-White Straw Hat, Carrying Basket of Fresh Vegetables in the Farm and Looking Into the Distance. Close up front view of intricately designed wooden bird table with green apex roof, with sections of pine cones and cirular pieces of wood Single colorful red poppy in a corn field, meadow or garden viewed from above in sunlight against green foliage Dramatic red sunset sky with a fiery glow from the setting sun in a weather and nature full frame background, vertical orientation Rustic three-legged wooden bird table made from tree branches with sheltered platform and roof in sunlight surrounded by green trees and shrubs Spectacular purple and orange sunset background sky texture for weather, environmental and nature concepts, full frame Ornamental pineapple, a member of the Bromeliad family, fruiting outdoors on a patio in a terracotta flowerpot with a balustrade in the background High angle close up of six red poppy flowers in sunlight surrounded by greenery Blonde young model with modern hairstyle stands legs in black dress against a black background and holding a white bag in his hand. Young alcohol-impaired girl with long blond hair sitting laughing in a blue garbage can and makes your smartphone a Selfie. - Studio Recording. yellow pencils and a broken pencil on gray background Young blonde long-haired girl, fashionable dressed standing in a blue Garbage containers with serious facial expression. light pattern in the background. Lively young blond woman in a black dress with a white handbag on an outstretched arm back before black background, studio shot. Blonde girl in mini dress made of lace and stylish hairstyle with biscuit in hand looks backwards. Black and white image, studio shot. Blond young woman with modern hairstyle standing in black dress and white bag against a black background. Studio Shot. Portrait of a young blond woman with long hair, red lipstick, fashionably dressed on black background. Young woman with long blonde hair in a red mini dress. She has three handbags in hand wrapped with plastic wrap. and your right foot is wrapped in packaging film. - Studio shot against white background. Beautiful girl naked from behind with long black hair Beautiful naked woman sitting on the floor from behind, with long black hair, Dairymaid in a dirndl looks out the door on the farm Seductive passionate woman running her hands over the naked body of a handsome young man as she nibbles at his neck from behind Playful romantic man and woman lying naked on their stomachs in each others arms laughing at the camera,