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Swirling ridges and patterns of sand create the tourist attraction of the tallest dunes in North America at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado's San Luis Valley.  Date is May 27, 2016. Vertical image with copy space of black football with academic books and bird of paradise flower in vase reflects commitment of successful scholar athletes.  Symbols reflect athletics and education balanced with healthy achievement. Portrait of adult cormorant with beautiful green eyes.  Location is Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona, on February 24, 2017.  Closeup focus on bird with green and blue in water background. Male ring-necked duck swims with reflection in rippling water.  Gold eye and field markings visible.  Location is Agua Caliente Regional Park in Pima County of Tucson, Arizona, on February 24, 2017.  Gold nest egg surrounded by pine cones placed with red velvet bow and gold bell and ribbon.  Holiday financial gift is festive.  Focus on bougainvillea blossom with blue sky, Southwestern stucco, and black steel visible behind.  Flower's nickname is paper flower.  It is a popular, tropical and sub-tropical, home landscaping plant.  Close up portrait of black crowned night heron with bright red eyes.  Location is Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona, on February 24, 2017. Field marks and striking black, white, and gray plumage is visible. Adult male black crowned night heron stands on branch.  Pose of alert vigilance with trees in background. cation is Reid Park in Tucson, Arizona, on February 24, 2017. Field marks, long legs, and striking black, white, and gray plumage are visible in natural setting. Desert marigold in Arizona, America's Southwest.  Location is Picacho Peak State Park on March 10, 2017. Spring wildflowers on arid lands are a tourism attraction. Solitary black crowned night heron stands on marsh reeds in Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area, part of Great Salt Lake Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve, Utah.  Bird is alert with red eye and field identification marks visible in horizontal photograph. American bald eagle stands, turning its head, on the frozen Chilkat River in Haines, Alaska, USA.  Location is at the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve established to protect the world's largest concentration of Bald Eagles, America's national bird. Classic white head and tail of mature bald eagle is visible. Rainbow in storm darkened, blue skies of Wyoming at McCullough Peaks Horse Management Area near Cody.  Rain drops on pine needles background with gray copy space on horizontal photograph.  Location is Juneau, Alaska. Selective focus on single blossom of  Butterfly blue scabiosa flower. Compact perennial in unusual blue and purple hues. Walkway edge frames plant. Location is Tucson, Arizona, in America's Southwest. Exuberant song of yellow headed blackbird perched on cat tail stem at Farmington Bay, Utah. Horizontal image with copy space. Young moose steps from river that runs outside East Gate of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA.  Fresh asparagus spears laid lengthwise on green plate against white background with copy space on right of horizontal photograph.  Red and gold nest eggs on green ledger reflect risk and opportunity in investment environment for businesses and individual investors.  Copy space on horizontal image. Single seagull soars and glides in sky.  Sea bird has face visible, wings open in flight.  Copy space available in horizontal photograph. Elegant, fresh American financial investment reflected in pair of dollar currency in front of swirl of white ribbon.  Horizontal image is symbolic of success and new initiatives. American currency in front of books on stars and stripes pattern. Symbols reflect issues of cost, investment needs, and governmental policy related to education. READ word on American flag emphasizes national education policy highlighting literacy and accountability. Concept focus on basic skills and learning as critical issues for schools, parents, pupils, and nation.  Scenic landscape view of Glacier National Park at Lunch Creek.  Location is Montana, United States. Date is autumn, September 9, 2016. Graduation cap with tassle placed with computer mouse and dollar currency on American flag pattern.  Concept symbolized is the higher salary and job opportunities of degree associated with electronics and digital knowledge.  Computer science degree holds benefits reflected in national education STEM policy.  Red nest egg in front of books on American flag pattern.  Still life reflects how high cost of education builds debt and affects investments. Vermilion, tan, and green colors of the sandstone spires and jagged rock formations of Red Canyon in Utah near Bryce Canyon National Park. Landscape photograph is vertical without people. Herd of wild horses run in a line in Utah's Onaqui Horse Management Area managed by the federal Bureau of Land Management.  Lead stallion at front of line. Their hooves stir up dry sand.  Horizontal image with copy space and no people. Pronghorn antelope rests in autumn gold portrait.  Location is National Bison Range in Montana, USA.  Copy space available on vertical image.  Pair of American dollars in front of upright books on an American stars and stripes flag pattern.  National policy on costs of education needed. Sand is kicked up by departing herd of dusty, wild horses at Onaqui Herd Management Area in Utah.  Horizontal photo of classic symbol of America's West. Three nest eggs, two red and one gold, with single American dollar.  Books behind with copy space on right of horizontal photograph.  All beef hamburger is grilled and served in bun with shredded lettuce.  Food is outdoors on white plate on wrought iron patio table.  Horse stands quietly in gentle snowfall.  Location is Alberta, Canada, in farm fields near Pincher Creek and Waterton National Park.  Date is September 12, 2016.  Autumn along the adventurous rise and fall of Cassiar-Stewart Highway in British Columbia. Vertical photograph with copy space in sky. Rambling road travel symbol.  Date is September 6, 2015. Canadian Rockies accent the tranquil farm fields with rolled hay bales in Alberta, Canada. Location is Spread Eagle Road, Pincher Creek, near Waterton Lakes National Park.  Vertical landscape with copy space. Blue grouse close up taken at National Bison Range in Montana, USA. Horizontal image with copy space on blue.  Season is autumn, September 16, 2016. Fierce stare of grizzly bear in British Columbia, Canada, is reflection of beautiful, frightening, natural intensity of a large predator. Red bird of paradise blossom is isolated with black copy space below.  Details are visible in botanical photograph. Peaceful Alberta, Canada farm range with rolled hay bales, snowy Canadian Rockies, and beautiful sky.  Horizontal landscape with no people. Location is Pincher Creek near Waterton Lakes National Park. Date is September 13, 2016. Bison head portrait with green grass background.  Location is the Bison Paddock autodrive of Waterton National Park in Alberta, Canada.  Date is September 11, 2016.  A pinto wild horse with autumn wind blowing mane and tail in dry grasses of Utah in America's West.  Location is Onaqui Wild Horse Management Area near Dugway. Copy space available on vertical photograph. Work on Last Will and Testament next to hot coffee mug, bread, and cheese.  Concept of meeting family responsibilities.  Horizontal photo with copy space.  Morning rays begin to illuminate the azure blue, double doors of San Felipe de Neri church in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Iron lanterns still glow on adobe wall. This historic church building is listed on National Register of Historic Places.  Preservation of Pueblo Spanish style architecture accents America’s Southwest and is a picturesque tourist attraction. Date is July 4, 2015. Everything bagel propped against onion bagel on white plate.  Specialty toppings are sesame and poppy seeds, roasted onion and garlic bits.  Horizontal image with copy space. American currency with globe in front of firm rock reflects the global influences of economic policies. 
Horizontal still life with copy space. Dark wild stallion smeared with mud after rolling in wet dirt and sand around waterhole at Onaqui Horse Management Area in Utah. Delicious, healthy, whole grain muffin is  richly tasty with fruit and nuts.  Placed in front of hot coffee in green mug. Sliced muffin with crumbs on plate. Bagel and coffee presentation with garlic, sesame and poppy seeds as topping and green mug adjacent.  Still life in horizontal image with copy space. Crumbs on plate. Currency on ledger with map behind reflects connected nature of economic policy and issues in European Union, repercussions that reach beyond local and national borders.  View of swirling sunset sky of light, shadow, and clouds from Navajo Point in Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA.  Horizontal landscape with copy space.