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Views over Port Hacking in NSW Australia Looking through a cave to a male sitting on a rocky outcrop that looks over the valley First light on Shoal Bay, Port Stephens, located in the Hunter region of NSW Sweeping scenic views across Port Hacking, South Sydney Australia on a beautiful summer day Beautiful sunrise over the ocean, taken from the rocky reef at Boat Harbour Overhead views to a small rocky outcrop and fenced lookout into the valley below.  Blue Mountains Australia Waves crash over rocks and flow in a myriad of patterns that resemble an artists brush strokes. A break in the storm clouds allowed  a brief viewing of the sun as it rose over the horizon. Overhead view of a lookout point and tracks leading in.  Blue Mountains Australia Malabar rockshelf in low tide Panorama of the magical sunrise over mist-filled Jamison Valley.  In the distance Mt Solitary cliffs catch the warm light.  Blue Mountains Australia Australian fur seal basking on the rocks by the ocean.   Shallow dof with focus to eye only Relaxing poolside, coastal rock pools glistening in vibrant jewl-like colours on the coastal rock shelf/  Deep pools of water made by nature and enjoyed in the Autumn sunshine Moody morning with rain and sunshine at Cronulla Beach Early morning light shines forth across the ocean and onto the rocky shores of the beach.  South Coast Australia Sunrise skies and ocean waves crash over rocks.  Port Stephens Australia Beautiful sunrise over mist-filled Jamison Valley. In the distance Mt Solitary cliffs catch the warm light. Blue Mountains Australia Overhead view of yacht on beautiful blue waters River rapids upstream Shoalhaven river Australia Early morning light down at the boat ramp and jetty.   The dark patches in the water is sea grass growing on the sand floor. Serenity at a little waterfall at Pool of Siloam with sunlight backlighting lush ferns and leaves, Blue Mountains Australia Idyllic Hyams Beach Australia with beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters Scenic coastal landscape beautiful beach and inlet with moored yachts and boats.  Morning sky at dawn with soft light.  Australia Beautiful gnarled dead trees stand steadfast in the lake as the sun sets. A female captures a stunning sunrise over mountainous landscape with her mobile phone Beautiful scenery in outback Australia.  Textures in sand and clay erosion Crystal clear waters in the mountain creek, Blue Mountains Australia Rich red sunrise from the rockshelf at a small coastal township called Callala Bay a tranquil setting and suitable mooring for boats and yachts too. Beautiful sunrise at the beach where waves washing onto the beach create splash and motion
Port Stephens Timber bridge crosses a winding creek through gum tree forest.  Durras Creek Australia magical sunrise with cloud cover and mist filled Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia A simple sunset at Birubi beach Australia with tidal reflections Boats moored in the channel showing the sand bars and sand patterns at low tide. Sunset views over the landscape, water and mountains. Where ocean meets river, separated by a narrow sand dune.  Aerial views  showing snd wave patterns and colours. Swimiming in the cold waters of the canyon It's easier to go down a mountain than up, but the view is better from the top.  Exploring the cliffs of Mt Victoria soaking up the last rays of warmth from the winter sun Spotted gum forest in the sunlight.  Australia Top view looking down onto Broulee tombolo dune which connects the island to the mainland Aerial view of Brooklyn Baths and boat jetties, which lies on the  lower estuarine reaches of the Hawkesbury-Nepean River Tranquil sunset on the basin estuary with sunset reflections, the sound of gentle ripples and fish jumping Stunning rich red full  cloud sunset and reflections in the lake and  some dead trees for contrast. Australian sunsets Sweeping views over Shoal Bay Port Stephens Australia.  Aerial view looking west in early morning light. Nothing can substitute experience.  Standing on the edge of Mt Victoria  as the golden sun dips low on the horizon Summer holiday etched into the sand on the shoreline of a beach with early morning light. Aerial veiw of the Shoal Bay jetty in Port Stephens, photographed in early morning light.  Yachts and boats are moored just offshore and a couple of fisherman  cast their lines from the jetty. Summer sunrise light up the sky in warm tones and cast its beautiful light over the sea coast.  Australia Aerial views of Snapper Island sitting 1 kilometre offshore in pristine aqua green waters of Batemans Bay Australia.  It lies a kilometre offshore and was a popular spot for smuggling as contraband could be hidden in the cave which had a back door escape route. Popular kayak or paddle venture. Views  over the Anchorage Marina at Port Stephens Australia Three Horns in cool dawn light, desert sculpted by weather and climate.  They are a mix of sticky clays and sand.  Outback N/SW Australia Overhead view of one of Sydney's many free coastal swimming pools.  The ocean is fenced with a free moving net.