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Corner of grand street in Vienna Bust of Romer Floris Vienna European style Town Hall Bratislava Slovakia Tower of Blue Church Bratislava Aerial view of Bratislava Slovakia with church of St Martin Small Gold figure of saint Golden lamb statue and sign Detail of Tower Bridge London Chocolate on stick Typical nineteenth century european urban  apartments Gold colored drill bit Latin inscription above door of Bodleian Library Statue of victory on top of column Croquet Mallet and Balls Croquet Mallet and black ball UK traffic signal set at red Grand conical chandelier Bunch of Red Roses Silver drill bit Traffic Light signal  at Amber Traffic Light signal  at green Modern English End of House with Chimney Pedestrian and Cycle Control at Red Pedestrian Control Signal at green New Houses under construction Row of Colorful Modern UK Houses Traditional Brick Water Tower Gargoyle on side of Church Tower of London England Pedestrian Control signal set at Red Side of Modern House with Chimney Traffic Light signal at Red Small Victorian Brick Water Tower Row of new english terrace houses Huge Bunch Of Radishes Pedestrian and Cycle Control at Red Small Cycle and Pedestrian Sign Top of Brick Water Tower Statue in classical french garden Classical Golden statue with fountain Versailles Enceladus Grove Grand Statue of woman  at Versailles Corner of Palace in Portrait aspect Exterior view of Palace of Versailles Maltings Chimney Statue of John Paul II  Notre dame Paris Large Brown Cow being held by Rope at Fair Large Brown Cow at Agricultural Fair Statue of Louis IVX Versailles Top of Arc de Triomphe Paris