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Architectural and historical monument to Tyumen, "Burkov's House by veronka72

Image Architectural and historical monument to Tyumen, "Burkov's House Stock Image

by: veronka72


"Burkov's house" is a noticeable architectural and historical monument of Tyumen. Is on the former Sadovaya Street � nowadays to Dzerzhinsky Street. The house constructed by one of the richest people of Tyumen, the merchant of the first guild Vasily Petrovich Burkov is similar to the small palace. The decor of facades of the house unites in itself lines of stone and national wooden architecture. On a sample of stone mansions the front stairs and a main entrance are turned on the street. And here various types of carved platbands and other wooden elements of the building reflect specifics of a decor of wooden buildings. In 1905 Burkov allocated the first floor of the house for placement of legal club "Union of Workers of Tyumen". The millionaire and the shipowner Ivan Ignatov gave to club the richest library. In club passed discussion of the questions connected with professional affairs of workers, self-education and cultural life of the city. By 1906 the club became the real power, and ideas of the Bolshevism here began to get. For this reason club closed, and Bolsheviks went underground. Address: Tyumen, Dzerzhinsky St., 30


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