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Cancel At Any Time

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Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection

All your dowloads are protected by our copyright protection guarantee.

Extended License

Extended License

With our Extended License you can: Print-on-demand, advertising, a client's website, your own website, books, web design templates, presentations, youtube, movies and more.



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Discover why creatives and businesses choose Yay Images for their stock imagery needs. From royalty-free images and videos for social media content to high-quality assets for advertising projects, our customers find what they need with us.

Sept 12, 2021
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It is a great product. I recommend it to everyone. I bought it recently and the images look great to me. I think it is an offer that is worth buying because the offer is very generous.

Aug 31, 2021
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I create products which are licensed template designs. I've usually been forced to create most everything from scratch due to standard stock license restrictions.

Oct 16, 2020
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We were looking for good quality images for our design and creative business and YAY Images came to our rescue. We contacted their support for questions and they were very responsive. We highly recommend them if you’re looking for affordable images and videos for your projects.


  • Yes the images can be used as a part of your services performed for clients.
  • There is fair use policy for unlimited plans, so you need to respect seat limit and no automated downloads. For limited plan the only limit is available credits.
  • Content can be used for personal as well as business & commercial purposes (Standard & Extended Licenses):

    • Advertising, Marketing, Promotions
    • Social Media, Websites, Applications
    • Decorative Purposes
    • Print / Publications, Digital Media, Education (Unlimited Print Run)
    • Presentations
    • Design Elements, Art
    • Resale (i.e. resell templates, graphics, print on demand, clients works). *Reselling images are not permitted. Have to be included in your template or work.
  • Stock images are an easy and great way to enhance the professional look of your design. It adds a visual feel and makes the design lively, at the same time that it attracts readers and help you prove a point.

    At YAYImages you will find stock images for all your needs.

    our creative images have a Royalty Free (standard) license. This makes it easy for you, since you can use the images an unlimited amount of times for almost any purpose* without having to pay extra. The rights granted are non-transferable and personal to you or your company.

    Once you have purchased an image, there is no time limitation on when you can use the image. It is yours forever.

  • All our images are JPEGs. Our vector files are either EPS or SVG. In addition all vector files are also available as JPEGs.

    Videos come in MP4 or MOV format, you can see the original files codec listed in detail page.


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