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Stock Images and Vectors by OguzhanDursun

ancient arch with bricks and grass on the ground a barn for cows and calves in Birgi village of Izmir, Turkey texture of grass with violets all around in a sunny day text on wall informing about coronavirus precautions of a museum for historical remnants in Izmir beautiful old wooden door locked in a distant village small white colored door in front of a house along the street in a village high angle view of some park benches in the middle of a street in the country wide horizontal view of Sirince village in Spring time in 2020 daisy, marguerite, chamomile, pink dianthus on surface of pool in winter time colorful yellow squashes and orange and white objects decorated on a table river and boats and a male person standing on a bridge in town in holiday time wind power station generation in a wind park at a hill in Izmir, Turkey alternative energy concept horizontal view of a sign about coronavirus precautions and rules horizontal view of a multicolored cat lying on a historical monument red genus of flowering plants in Izmir city of Turkey a lot of white and black goats depastured in the grass field hoofed mammal concept airplane seats low angle view and legs and shoes of passengers sitting low angle of people mover in an airport with some unrecognizable people low angle view of Sirince village with a mosque minaret and a tree in a bright air hands of a male person slicing borek in his kitchen young man with gray coat looking at phone screen in aircraft horizontal view of a car garage and some cars positioned in line a woman and some people walking around in a shopping mall of an airport acer saccharum tree and white clouds all around in city one man with hat and sunglasses and another one with purple sweatshirt male people sitting on a park bench alone one male person sitting ashore and looking at phone screen and checking internet medium shot of a male person from low angle depicting him standing in a bright air two friends sit on rocks on top of a hill with windmills and looking at landscape in a cloudy day with copy space handsome young male person driving a car in a fast speed in daylight young male person spectate the view of Foca region of Izmir friends standing in front of a historical place and taking photographs selective focus of historical informative text and a young man with protective mask reading in open museum attractive man in 30s looks at landscape from a hill a male person holding steering wheel and driving in a focused way long shot of two men, one carrying a bag and another wearing coat because of cold air attractive male person looking at table after having meal with his friends black bearded man sitting on chair in living room and having conversation with his friends empty dirty plates after people finished their meals in breakfast in a restaurant in town a young man holding a glass of tea and looking at camera after having lunch a young man holding glass and meals on the table after lunch in a restaurant interior young male looking at empty tables after having lunch in a restaurant handsome man chats with his friend while eating his meal on plate in a restaurant happy male person eats his meal on plate in a restaurant handsome guy walking on a street in town outside leisure lifestyle concept attractive man looks at river from a bridge in town in holiday time and little boats parked on river male person with protective mask has vertigo and feels pain while traveling on plane in quarantine days young man with mask having headache because of air trip while sitting on plane seat and sun shines behind in quarantine days handsome brown-haired man with mask sits on a plane seat in quarantine days with copy space young man with gray coat talking to smart phone in airplane in quarantine times one attractive guy preparing breakfast and brunch with french fries in his house because of being hungry