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Close-up of gloved hands holding the surgical scissors and working, operating room, hospital Two cellists playing the cello during a performance Two doctors standing, looking down, and consulting over medical record in the hospital Two surgeons looking down and working at the operating table, dark operating room Nurse wheeling empty stretcher in the halls of the hospital Violinists playing during a performance, head and shoulders Portrait of two smiling doctors in the hospital Two surgeons working and passing surgical equipment in the operating room, dark Flautist holding and playing the flute during a performance, close-up Team of surgeons holding surgical equipment at the operating table and working Young happy family holding their newborn in the hospital nursery Nurse touching pregnant woman's belly in the hospital with husband beside her Portrait of young doctor in lab coat in the hospital, looking at camera Close-up portrait of mature male doctor in the hospital Portrait of smiling female nurse in the hospital, Beijing, China Doctor doing an ultrasound on a pregnant woman lying on her back in the hospital Smiling female nurse pushing and assisting patient in a wheelchair in the hospital, talking to doctor Young smiling female patient sitting in a wheelchair, looking up at the doctor standing beside her Two doctors walking and smiling in the hospital, full length Portrait of young women doing yoga with hands clasped together, side view Two doctors standing and looking down at a document in the hospital, full length Doctor and smiling couple standing by the counter in the hospital looking at medical record Young female doctor using the computer in the hospital, Beijing, China Two friends meeting at the yoga studio, holding bags Portrait of smiling doctor outside of the hospital, emergency room sign in the background Two doctors wheeling in a patient on a stretcher in front of the emergency room Four young women stretching and doing yoga, over the shoulder view Portrait of smiling female paramedic in front of am ambulance Three doctors wheeling in a elderly patient on a stretcher in front of an ambulance Female paramedics and doctor wheeling in a patient on a stretcher in front of the hospital