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Girl painting with acrylic paint developing her creativity in an art school. Child worried about the environment, caresses a large leaf on green natural background. A girl uses an acrylic paint brush to make her drawings on canvas. Playground with blue sky background. Teachers showing  math children students using montessori materials. Girl buttoning a montessori frame to develop the dexterity of her fingers. Children learning while studying at their school. Elementary student using an abacus to learn how to do mathematical operations in his school. Child having fun with an educational wooden game at school, to make pairs, useful to improve the memory and dexterity of their hands. Pencil box full of pencil and scissors on the wooden floor. Montessori panel with mathematical operations to learn multiplication tables in a school. The month of September is the one of the return to the school, image of a school calendar of wall. Class assistants sitting in chairs, photography from the central hall. Child playing with colorful blocks sitting on the ground of a garden in spring, negative space. Row of empty chairs in a university class. Musical bells in a school to learn the notes, polished metal. Child playing a song at the piano, closeup of his hands. hand and pencil isolated on the white. hand and pencil isolated on the white. Vintage hand on keyboard.intage effect style Isolated Multicolored Paperclips In A Row On A White Background small child playing with a cube. Comic cartoon pop art retro vector illustration drawing Replica of a Leech bite. Toronto, Ontario, Canada-November 15, 2019: Replica of Black Fly bites. Replica of a Tick bite. Replica of a mosquito bite. Toronto, Ontario, Canada-November 15, 2019: Replica of Flea bites. Gouache set of different colors for drawing. A lot of paint containers are isolated on a white background. A notebook with a pen lies on a wooden table, a copy of the space, an empty space for text. The spiral notebook on the working place of accountant. Wide-angle and panoramic photos. Multicolor gouache in jars isolated on white background. Paints for painting pictures. Paint in containers top view. Large format photo to copy space and horizontal banner. Top view of a notebook with a hand holding a pencil. Flat layout on a white table. Writing hand on spiral notebook close-up. Pencil notes in a notebook. Back to school shopping backpack, Accessories in student blue bag on blackboard background set collection scholar athlete runner disabled police youth gyrometer businessman. Pop art retro vector illustration drawing Back to School Background with Globe and Notepads. Professional Modern Educational Brochure Set with Cover, Inner or Back Pages Presentation. Aids Awareness greeting for World Aids Day - 1 December Quail flat pin map icon. Map pointer. Map markers. Animal head vector symbol eps 10 Madagascar on july 26, 2019 - Arc en Ciel, an organization that invests in the education of yuong children and their families Game TIC TAC toe on a notebook in a cage. Games in the school lesson. Empty lecture hall in university Empty lecture hall in university Cabinets safes for luggage Cabinets safes for luggage Word news on newspaper. Wooden letters Word news on newspaper. Wooden letters Word news on newspaper. Wooden letters Word news on newspaper. Wooden letters Latin alphabet multicolored wooden letters Multicolored text toy made of wood. White background