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Small patch of green and pink variegated elephant ear ornamental plants growing outdoors with wood chip mulch. Pretty small leaf elephant ear decorative foliage at ground level with a mulch background Natural off-white rough rock stone mixed with dark gray cement wall background surface close-up in the day. Close-up background of rough light gray stone and dark gray cement wall outside in the day. Elderly feline domestic pet eating food from one of many bowls of food and water in a wooden tray. Wooden tray on floor holds cat food and water dish containers that an older female cat eats from.
Natural pine tree needles hay surround the bottom of tree as mulch to retain moisture. In a green grass lawn is natural brown pine tree needle around the bottom of a small tree close-up in the day. Summer petunia flowers in purple and pink with green leaves in a coconut husk hanging basket. Close-up petunias flower basket of pink and purple flowers over a front yard deck on a sunny day outdoors. Beautiful darker pink rose flowers with dark green leaves in a glass crystal vase on a living room side table. Pink roses flower bouquet in a clear tall crystal vase on a round table near a stairwell. Lower part of small tree trunk outside with round pile of natural pine needles mulch at its base in the day. Green grass lawn with a layer of brown pine needles put in a circle around a tree outdoors Homeowner looking into a small air duct searching for and dirt and examining the condition. Male examining the cleanliness of a small home HVAC air duct.
Mature man with his face in a yellow roses bunch. Yellow roses being held, smelled by an older man. One male sniffing a dozen yellow roses with tiny pink spots while holding them close up to his face Fort Caswell and Bald Head Island seen from a high view on a sunny day. Scenic high view of the Atlantic Ocean seascape and landscape with homes of Caswell Beach 
Three mature people taking individual letters from a sign that says freedom in capital letters. Persons walking away with letters from a large freedom sign.
Persons hand wiping a wall white light control. Inside white wall light switch cleaned with a cloth. Indoor flat white light switch being cleaned by a hand with a rag as part of house cleaning chores.   Male looking up into a ceiling air intake duct with a flashlight checking for maintenance. Person with a flashlight examining with a square opening of a home HVAC system
One female stands on an outcropping that a man dangles from the bottom edge of. Woman looks from a cliff top while a man hangs from it with his hands. Fern leaves background outdoors natural landscape Wild growing fern leaves nature background closeup One mature woman opened a closet door and all her junk fell out and onto the floor. An illustrated  female finds a pile of things fell onto the floor from her closet.
Fingers display camera remote control on tripodal. Hand holds camera remote control taped to a tripod Male hand showing camera remote control black gaff taped to a camera tripod in a tiled home office Beautiful pink and red roses flowers bouquet in between four wooden columns of a side table. Pink and red roses flowers with four wooden table columns close-up Male holding and smelling a bunch of yellow roses. Bouquet of yellow roses being held and smelled. Dozen yellow roses arrangement with tiny pink streaks being embraced by a mature man who is appreciating their scent. 100% cocoa and water being stirred with a red spoon in a pan by a hand of an adult male closeup. Hand stirring cocoa and water in a sauce pan with a red spoon on a patterned black stovetop up close.
Snack of crackers with red jalapenos, cheese and mustard. Appetizer of cheese mustard pepper slices. Illustration of many signs and advertisements on a building wall and telephone pole with three people nearby. One of three people reading many advertisements on a wall Male scrubbing a home bathroom gray tile shower wall with his hand holding a wet white cotton rag. White cotton cloth being used by an older caucasian man to clean a bathroom shower gray tile wall. The word laugh drawn on paper and the spaces painted with red, blue and purple acrylic paint. Original art painting of the word laugh painted randomly in abstract. One large white painted metal furnace air vent grill with many openings on a ceiling close-up. Square outflow air filter door vent in a modern home ceiling up close. Mature man taking out a dirty air filter from a home ceiling air return vent. Male removing a dirty air filter with both hands in a house from a HVAC ceiling air vent. White panel light control cleaning by hand cloth. Male hand dusting light switch with cleaning cloth Flat white light switch control being dusted and cleaned with a green cloth by a caucasian male hand Male wearing a light bentonite clay treatment mask Thin bentonite clay face treatment worn by a guy. Thin white bentonite clay beauty treatment of mature shirtless man on black cloth curtain background
Yellow roses with pink spots flowers facing center Surrounding border of yellow rose blooms on white. Floral surround border outline of yellow rose flowers with green leaves around edges of white paper Mature adult opening a small square HVAC air intake vent revealing a dirty air filter in the ceiling. Man opened a a vent grill cover to a dirty ceiling air filter.
White square ceiling furnace air vent grate open, showing inside the duct. Metal air intake grate open and hanging from the ceiling showing view of inside the HVAC system. One footbridge divides an unhealthy landscape with a healthy and clean scene on the right. A polluted and a clean environment shown on opposite sides. Small clear plastic container of sweet and crunchy granola food snack being held by a caucasian hand. Male hand holding sweet granola snack food in a clear plastic container over a napkin on a table. Older male carrying a large balance pole walking away on a high tight rope above flowers. Middle-aged gentleman with  balancing pole walking a tightrope.
Home yard garden plot being cared for by a mature woman wearing a hat and holding a small shovel. Caucasian woman happily gardening in her home garden outside.
Man inspecting air ducts shining a flashlight through a small square ceiling vent into ducting pipes. Mature male examining the condition of air ducts at home. Baked whole wheat crackers topped with cheddar cheese, guacamole, horseradish, mustard and hot sauce on a plate. Cheddar cheese, mustard, spicy guacamole and horseradish variety on wholewheat wafers. Older male with a yellow flashlight examining HVAC ducts in a large square vent. Male technician looking over the air ducts inside a home air intake vent. Vase of yellow rose flowers in front of a curtain. Twelve yellow roses with pink streaks vase bouquet. One dozen bright yellow roses with tiny pink streaks in a crystal vase near a sheer white curtain One heart shaped head with a key body cartoon person opens a door from darkness into a happy landscape. Cartoon key smiling while opening the door to a brighter future.
One small brown bird, a boat-tailed grackle on the edge of a boat close-up in an Everglades Florida waterway. Boat-tailed grackle on a close boat edge. Various words, shapes and colors showing abstract representations of relationships. Variety of color concepts of relationships drawn in shapes and words you me we I them us Caucasian male removing a square pleated dirty air filter with both hands from a ceiling air duct. Guy taking out an unclean air filter from a home ceiling air vent. Person removing an old dirty air filter from a ceiling intake vent of a home HVAC system. Unclean gray square furnace air filter being taken out of a ceiling air vent. Male cleans off table he is preparing to resurface Male sweeping off a table with a dustpan and broom Guy cleaning old table top surface with dustpan and broom of garbage from preparing to resurface. Man shutting grill of HVAC, heating ventilating and cooling after replacing the air filter. Closing ceiling grill after replacing an air filter in the ceiling. Stainless steel saucepan full of cocoa mixed with water being stirred with a red spoon by male hand. Adult caucasian hand holding a saucepan while stirring cocoa and water with a red plastic spoon. Blue pair of slippers in the entry way of a home. Indoor entrance chairs and slippers of an office. Gray tile entry floor of a home office with two chairs, rug and a pair of blue slippers in the day.
One adult male hand pressing a light switch panel. One flat white panel light switch being turned on Male hand pressing on a flat white wall switch panel from the left to turn on the light in a room. Granola mix treat in a small clear plastic container being held by an adult male hand. Sweet granola snack mixture in a tiny plastic bowl held by fingers of a male hand over a light brown napkin.