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Franziskanerkloster in Fussen, Lech river, Germany wild little lake in forest covered with dense fog, Appelbergen, Drenthe, Netherlands few cows by river in sunset sunlight, Holland farmhouse and sheep on pasture by river, Holland beautiful flowering heather on marsh at sunrise, Fochteloerveen, Drenthe, Friesland, Netherlands misty morning over swamp, Drenthe, Netherlands pink sunrise over swamps in summer, Fochteloerveen, Drenthe, Netherlands rainbow on blue sky over wheat field, Holland sunrise in denfe fog over swamp, Fochteloerveen, Drenthe, Friesland, Netherlands bridge over river at summer sunset, Groningen, Netherlands sheep on green pasture in sunset sunlight wind texture on sand dunes, Drents-Friese wold, Drenthe, Netherlands alone tree on misty marsh in dusk, Mandefijld, Friesland, Netherlands pine trees on snow hill during winter, Gelderland, Netherlands pink sunset over river in Bremen city, Germany pine on snow meadow over blue sky, Gelderland, Netherlands dramatic sunrise over swamp, Onlanden, Drenthe, Netherlands heather flowers in misty morning around swamp Dutch windmill over sky with long exposure, Holland fungi on Petri dish over white in laboratory beautiful gold sunrise over wild lake, Drenthe, Netherlands purple crocus flowers on snow durinf sunny spring day green lighthouse in dusk on North sea, Netherlands pine trees on marsh in fog, Appelbergen, Drenthe, Netherlands wooden hut in Harz mountains during foggy winter day, Germany fog in winter Harz mountains, Germany windmill, blue sky and tulip field, Alkmaar, North Holland clouded sky and ocean waves with long exposure, Etretat, France rainbow over stone beach in Atlantic ocean, Etretat, France white seagull on snow during snowstorm, winter in Netherlands frozen lake in winter, Onlanden, Drenthe, Netherlands trees reflected in lake and dense fog, Apperbergen, Netherlands coniferous forest in dense fog, Bavarian Alps, Germany stormy sunset over alpine meadows, Bavaria, Germany misty summer sunrise over heatherland, Drenthe, Netherlands wooden hut on alpine meadow by Geroldsee lake, Bavaria, Germany beautiful calm misty sunrise over swamp, Fochteloerveen, Drenthe, Netherlands Basmsee lake and Alps in dusk, Bavaria, Germany alpine meadows in Bavaria, Germany dramatic sunset over swamp, Fochteloerveen, Drenthe, Netherlands dusk over swamp with flowering heather, Drenthe, Netherlands City Hall, Bremen Cathedral and Christmas market in Bremen by night, Germany cute miniature schnauzer on green grass over blue sky outdoors sunset over river on Dutch farmland, Groningen, Netherlands misty summer morning over swamp and heather, Drenthe, Netherlands river in Beremn city in dusk during Christmas, Germany summer misty morning on bog, Fochteloerveen, Drenthe, Netherlands coniferous forest on swamp in fog, Drenthe, Netherlands clouds over sand dunes, Drents-Friese wold, Drenthe, Friesland,  Netherlands cold frosty morning on swamp in forest, Friesland, Netherlands