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Heterogeneous social structure of employee hexagons. Recruiting and personnel management. Process of creating a business single group hierarchy or company fall apart. Cooperation. Strength is in unity An employee leaves a large group of people. Exit from mainstream society. A talented employee, professional growth, search for a new promising job. Training courses. Change and striving for the best. Water flows through irrigation canals on a farm leek onion plantation. Conservation of water resources and reduction pollution. Caring for plants, growing food. Agriculture and agribusiness. Three groups of people are connected by lines. Coordination and knowledge sharing. Outsourcing. Business model of autonomous groups. Self-organization structure innovation. High company team autonomy People exchange serial communication. Experience information exchange. Generational change. Cooperation, collaboration. Chain reaction, spread rumors. Partnership, assistance. Interaction of persons. Businessman integrates female employees into male team staff. Gender equality. Creation gender balance in the company to improve work efficiency. Diversity in business. Unified career potential. A businessman appoints a leader to a team. Leadership skills. Promising talented employee. Formation effective working group. Implementation of specialists professionals in to staff. Management Businessman introduces himself with a business card. Presentation, hands over contacts to client. Agent offers his services. Solidity and style. Business advertising. Attracting new customers buyers. Business leader builds a people block tower. Definition of people in a hierarchical system. Meritocracy. Leadership skills, team personnel management. Company organization. Hiring, recruiting workers Hand flips a block changing 2020 to 2021. New year beginning. Holidays and Christmas. Trends and changes in the World. Summing work done. Keep up with everything planned. Build plans. New normal. Businessman introduces himself with a vertical business card. Presentation, hands over contacts to client. Business advertising. Attracting new customers. Agent offers his services. Solidity and style A businessman holds bags with a loan and debt on scales. Financial system balance difficulties. Borrow loans to pay off debts load, debt restructuring. Avoiding default bankruptcy, business support. A man builds a pyramid from blocks of business shops. Building a successful business empire. Expansion and competitive growth. Franchise concession concept. Commercial network development. Israeli shekel money bag and puzzle house. Housing cooperative membership. Property valuation. State social programs. Mortgage loan on purchase, building maintenance and utility services costs. Businessman puts a south korean won money bag on scales opposite to government state building. Payment of taxes and fees. Financing Social programs. Lending to government projects. Bank deposit Polish zloty money bag and boxes on scales. Trade balance and purchasing power. Economic and industrial development. Import and export duties, profit from the sale of value added goods. VAT Polish zloty money bag and red down arrow. Economic difficulties fall. Stagnation, recession, declining business activity, falling wealth. Capital flow, high risks. Crisis, loss money savings. Man holds out a Israeli shekel money bag. Budget management, collect taxes. Bank issuance of credit and loans borrowings to business. Insurance payout. Financial crisis support, benefits, subsidies. A businessman holds in his hand a south korean won money bag. Stimulating economic recovery. Investments, financing. Providing business with preferential loans and support during the economic crisis. Ukrainian hryvnia money bags and residential buildings figures. Investments in real estate. Municipal budget management. Mortgage loan. Financing the construction and renovation of housing. Taxes. Indian rupee money bag and easel with green positive growth graph. Economic development. Business sentiment. High deposits profitability. Recovery and growth of economy, good investment attractiveness Israeli shekel money bags and magnifying glass. Budget revision. Monitoring of suspicious transactions, cash flows and the legality of the origin of capital. Finding financial resources, fund projects Yellow forklift carries a red location pointer. Transportation services and logistics management warehouse. Destination cargo and parcels, tracking. Efficient express delivery system. Israeli shekel money bag with red up arrow and residential building. Recovery and growth in property cost. Return on investment. Increase in prices for apartments and housing. Municipal budget. Euro money bags and industrial factory plant. Investment modernization, automation, reduction of the impact on environment. Privatization and purchase of industrial complexes. Supporting economy. The truck is carrying a huge dollar money bag. Great investment. Attracting large funds to the economy for subsidies, support and cheap soft loans for businesses. Anti-crisis measures of government. Forklift carrying a polish zloty money bag. Anti-crisis budget. Borrowing on capital market. Stimulating economy. Subsidies soft loans. Investments. Strongest financial assistance, business support. Indian rupee money bag with a shield and a red arrow up. Safety of investments, savings. Increasing the maximum amount of guaranteed insurance compensation for deposits. Financial stability. Residential houses and a russian ruble money bag. Mortgage loan. Buying, fair price. Property real estate valuation. Calculation of construction and repair expenses. City municipal budget. City residential buildings and south korean won money bag with a red down arrow. Low demand for home buying. Lower mortgage interest rates. Falling prices for rental apartments. Low cost real estate. House and a turkish lira money bag. Calculation of expenses for purchase, construction and repair. Buying and selling, fair price. Building maintenance. Mortgage loan. Property real estate valuation. An easel with a red arrow avoiding an obstacle. Purposefulness and perseverance, confident movement towards the assigned goal. Maneuvering, taking right action. Deviation from the route, side mission. Yen Yuan money bag and measuring tape meter. Analysis of the economic situation. Assessment of capital. Declaration of income, illegal enrichment. Formation and optimization of the budget, savings. Figures of residential buildings and an easel with real estate market recovery trend chart. Value and cost. Increased interest and demand for housing after price reduction. Investment revitalization Landscape of green potato bushes plantation. Agroindustry and agribusiness. European organic farming. Growing food on the farm. Growing care and harvesting. Aerial view Beautiful countryside farmland. Red figurine of an employee in a big business company structure. Toxic and unreliable worker, bad influence. Leadership, teamwork. Staff relationships. Founder of the company, uniting around idea. Many related teams in the company do the work in cooperation. Coordination and knowledge sharing. Business model of autonomous groups without middle managers. Self-organization structure innovation Red leader with followers in arrow formation direction breaks through the crowd. Breaking new ground. Society consolidation. Reform movement, political force. Commitment to change. Public response. Management of watering process of eggplant plantation by irrigation canals system. Agriculture and agribusiness. Agronomy. Rural countryside. European farm, farming. Caring for plants, growing food. A farmer with a mist sprayer spray treats the potato plantation from pests and fungus infection. Harvest processing. Protection and care. Agriculture and agribusiness. Use chemicals in agriculture. A hand holds out a euro money bag on a background of potato plantation farm fields. Lending farmers for purchase land and seed material, modernization. Support and subsidies. Farm loans A businessman installs a component to improve the work process. Increased efficiency and productivity of work. Innovation and development. Improving the quality of services, implementing new law acts. Businessman is building an alternative path. Revision of the strategy and process changes. Improvement, modernization. Flexibility and business adaptation to new conditions. Rethinking old approaches. A farmer with a mist sprayer treats the potato plantation from pests and fungus infection. Use chemicals in agriculture. Harvest processing. Agriculture and agribusiness. Protection and care Business leader builds a tower block with employees. Team building, hierarchical power vertical system. Leadership. Effective team Management. Company organization. Hiring and recruiting workers Man breaks a row of check boxes ticks with a red X. Intentional violation of the terms of the contract, termination of deal. Creation of artificial bureaucratic obstacles, corruption. Sabotage A farmer with a mist sprayer spray treats the potato plantation from pests and fungus infection. Protection and care. Use chemicals in agriculture. Agriculture and agribusiness. Harvest processing. South korean won money bag and boxes on scales. Trade balance and purchasing power. Import and export duties, profit from the sale of value added goods. Economic and industrial development. VAT Man puts a turkish lira money bag on scales with family figures. Social assistance benefits, financial support. Charitable donations. Investments in human capital, culture and social projects. Enemy opponent takes control of company. Unfair competition. Corporate takeover by changing legal owner. Illegal raider seizure of business. Destruction of the integrity of the company and workflow.